De La Rue announce a dividend cut

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De La Rue announce a dividend cut

The De La Rue Board has decided to suspend future dividend payments in order to manage net debt levels as one of the measures undertaken to respond to the identified material uncertainty.

Other financial highlights include:

IFRS revenue (including "pass-through" revenue on paper contracts) of £232.3m (H1 2018/19: £257.6m) and adjusted revenue of £205.9m (H1 2018/19: £242.0m), reflect a decline in Currency volumes and average price, more than offsetting the significant increase in PA&T revenue.

Adjusted operating profit of £2.2m (H1 2018/19: £17.0m), resulting mainly from the decline in Currency volumes and margin.

IFRS operating loss of £9.2m (H1 2018/19: profit £10.1m), which is stated after significant restructuring charges related to the reorganisation announced in May 2019.

Adjusted basic EPS was a loss of 1.5p (H1 2018/19: 11.2p) and IFRS basic EPS was a loss of 10.7p (H1 2018/19: 5.1p). 

Net debt of £170.7m (FY 2018/19: £107.5m), increased mainly due to adverse working capital movement on inventory, final dividend payment, pension funding contributions and capital expenditure. Proceeds of £42m from the sale of International Identity Solutions were received after the end of the reporting period.

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