AstraZeneca maintain dividend at $0.90

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AstraZeneca maintain dividend at $0.90

Following recommendation from the board, AstraZeneca have maintained their dividend at $0.90.

Other financial highlights include:

- Product Sales increased by 12% in the half (17% at CER) to $11,183m

- The Reported Gross Margin increased by two percentage points in the half to 80%, partly reflecting the mix of Product Sales and manufacturing efficiencies; the Core Gross Margin increased by one percentage point to 81%

- Reported Operating Expenses increased by 5% in the half (10% at CER) to $8,238m and represented 73% of Total Revenue (H1 2018: 76%). Core Operating Expenses increased by 1% (5% at CER) to $6,922m and represented 61% of Total Revenue (H1 2018: 67%), demonstrating operating leverage

- Reported R&D Expenses declined by 1% (an increase of 3% at CER) to $2,622m. Core R&D Expenses declined by 2% (an increase of 2% at CER) to $2,505m

- Reported SG&A Expenses increased by 9% (14% at CER) to $5,457m; Core SG&A Expenses increased by 3% (7% at CER) to $4,258m, primarily reflecting growth in China, as well as ongoing additional support for new medicines

- Reported Other Operating Income and Expense declined by 35% in the half (34% at CER) to $706m; Core Other Operating Income and Expense increased by 1% (2% at CER) to $708m; in the second quarter, Core Other Operating Income and Expense declined by 80% to $114m

- The Reported Operating Margin was stable in the half at 14%; the Core Operating Margin increased by six percentage points (five at CER) to 27%

- Reported EPS of $0.56 in the half, based on a weighted-average number of shares of 1,289m, represented an increase of 3% (stable at CER); Core EPS increased by 38% (40% at CER) to $1.62. The difference between the Reported and Core performance partly reflected the impact of a favourable $346m legal settlement in H1 2018, recognised as income in Reported Other Operating Income and Expense, as well as the commencement of the amortisation of Lokelma and fair-value adjustments arising on acquisition-related liabilities recognised in Reported SG&A Expense in Q2 2019

- The Reported Tax Rate was 25% (H1 2018: 19%); the Core Tax Rate was 21% (H1 2018: 19%). The tax rates in the half reflected the geographical mix of profits and the impact of collaboration and divestment activity

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