NCC Group maintains its 2018 interim dividend

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NCC Group maintains its 2018 interim dividend

NCC Group 2018 interim results

Group revenue from continuing operations grew by 7.2%:

o Organic retained Assurance growth 14.3% - all four territories double-digit growth

o Escrow organic growth 1.8% (2.1% before FX)

GM% improved by 2.6% points from 36.8% to 39.4%:

o Assurance GM% from continuing operations grew by 2.7% points to 32.3% through utilisation gains

o Escrow GM% recovered by 4.9% points through better cost control and improved verification testing delivery processes

Adjusted operating profit from continuing operations fell to £14.1m (2017: £16.2m) due largely to planned overhead increases committed in the prior year and adverse FX charges of £1.3m which more than offset GM gains

Operating profit fell from £7.4m to £6.6m for the same reasons noted above

Adjusted basic earnings per share 3.7p (2017: 4.7p), Basic earnings per share 1.4p (2017: earnings 2.0p)

Improved net cash flow from operations of £14.7m (2017: 12.2m) driven by improving working capital management;

Relocation to new Manchester HQ completed incurring £3.7m capital expenditure in the Period

Interim dividend maintained at 1.5p per share

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