Epwin Group 2017 interim results

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Epwin Group 2017 interim results

Epwin Group 2017 interim results

Sound performance in challenging market conditions

Continued top line growth in Extrusion and Moulding

Significant input cost pressure on materials due to the weakening of sterling

Will take time to pass on cost increases in current market conditions

Continuing programme of consolidating production facilities and refining operating footprint

Strong sales of award-winning Optima window profile system

Continued investment in new products and materials

Challenges with two largest customers, as notified on 16 August 2017. £3.9 million exceptional bad debt provided in respect of Entu (UK) plc administration

Net debt of £28.2 million, less than 1x EBITDA and cash conversion remains strong at 75.7%

Increase in dividend reflecting confidence in long-term outlook

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