Vectura 2016 final results

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Vectura 2016 final results

Revenue up 76.0% to £126.5m (2015/16: £72.0m) 

o Continued momentum from seven recently launched inhaled products with in-market net sales for the year to 31 December 2016 growing 81% to over $2.0bn

o Reported performance also benefits from the addition of Skyepharma following the merger on 10 June 2016

EBITDA growth of 47.0% to £34.1m reflecting robust underlying performance

Revenue from recurring sources now accounts for 80.1% of total revenue (2015/16: 59.6%)

Loss before taxation of £40.1m compared to £1.9m in the prior period due to a higher amortisation charge of £64.0m (2015/16: £18.8m) and exceptional items of £9.4m (2015/16: £5.6m) driven by the merger

Year-end cash of £92.5m with strong operating inflows of £28.2m offset by merger related outflows

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