NCC Group maintains its 2017 interim dividend

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NCC Group maintains its 2017 interim dividend


Group revenues increased by 35% (November 2015: 50%) to £125.8m (November 2015: £93.5m). Organic growth of 18% (November 2015: 17%)

o   Assurance Division revenue increased by 42% (November 2015: 57%) to £104.8m (November 2015: £73.8m) - organic growth 21% (November 2015: 17%)

o   Escrow Division revenue increased by 14% (November 2015: 7%) to £18.7m (November 2015: £16.4m)

Group adjusted EBITDA increased by 15% to £21.3m (November 2015: £18.5m)

o   Assurance Division EBITDA increased by 18% to £13.1m (November 2015: £11.1m)

o   Escrow Division EBITDA increased by 14% to £10.6m (November 2015: £9.3m)

Group adjusted profit before tax increased by 5% to £16.7m (November 2015: £15.9m)

Group profit before tax was £7.4m (November 2015: £7.5m)

Adjusted fully diluted earnings per share 4.6p (5.0p  in 2015)

Interim dividend maintained at 1.50p (1.50p in 2015)

Three large unrelated contract cancellations in quick succession and one deferral in the Assurance division impacted rate of growth

Acquisitions of North American Payment Software Company in September 2016 and Virtual Security Research in November 2016

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