Vectura Group 2016 final results

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Vectura Group 2016 final results

Financial Highlights

Significant strong financial performance with further transition of revenues to recurring royalties from recently launched products

Revenues up 24% to £72.0m (2014/15: £58.0m)

o Strong growth in royalty revenues, up 56% to £39.2m

o Strong growth in royalties from recently launched inhaled products, up 104% to £25.5m from £12.5m

EBITDA up 43% to £23.2m (2014/15: £16.2m)

Profit after tax up 35% to £5.0m (2014/15: £3.7m)

Basic EPS up 33% to 1.2p (2014/15: 0.9p)

Robust balance sheet with cash and cash equivalents of £99.8m (2015: £90.0m)

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