Melrose 2015 full year results

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Melrose 2015 full year results


Sale of Elster to Honeywell completed on 29 December 2015 for £3.3 billion, a multiple of 3.1x 2014 revenue and 14.3x 2014 headline EBITDA with a subsequent capital return of £2.4 billion made to shareholders

On 16 March 2015, following the sale of Bridon, £200.4 million was returned to shareholders

Brush is performing broadly in line with expectations in a tough market

Headline operating profit of £20.8 million (2014: £47.7 million). IFRS profit for the year of £1,408.0 million (2014: £194.7 million)

The Board has proposed a final dividend of 2.6p per share (2014: 5.3p) rebased following the Elster disposal to reflect the resulting size of the Group

Melrose has created £2.8 billion of total shareholder value since its inception in 2003

For a shareholder who invested £1 in Melrose in 2005 on its first deal (acquiring McKechnie and Dynacast) and who then participated in all following deals, a net £9 of cash returns have been received in addition to still having more than £1 invested in Melrose today

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