Standard Chartered 2015 final results

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Standard Chartered 2015 final results

Financial performance summary

Underlying profit before tax of $0.8 billion, down 84 per cent, reflecting challenging market conditions and strategic management actions

Underlying operating income of $15.4 billion, down 15 per cent:

o One-quarter of the decline resulted from lower exchange rates against the US dollar

o One-quarter resulted from business exits, disposals, and de-risking

o One-quarter related to lower commodity prices and mark-to-market valuations

o One-quarter related to lower levels of business activity

Underlying operating costs, excluding the bank levy and regulatory costs, of $9.0 billion, down 7 per cent

Underlying loan impairment of $4.0 billion, up 87 per cent:

o Around 40 per cent related to a number of exposures beyond our tightened risk tolerance

o The balance was mainly driven by falling commodity prices and deterioration in financial markets in India

Reported loss before tax of $1.5 billion after taking:

o Restructuring charges of $1.8 billion, within the $3 billion indicated in November 2015, covering redundancy costs, impairments and a goodwill write down

o A broadly capital neutral credit and funding valuation adjustment of $863 million in the fourth quarter

o A positive own credit adjustment of $495 million

o A gain on sale of businesses in the period of $218 million

o Goodwill impairment of $362 million related to Taiwan

Normalised basic earnings per share of (6.6) cents (2014: 138.9 cents)

Normalised return on ordinary shareholders' equity of (0.4) per cent (2014: 7.8 per cent)

The Board confirms its earlier decision not to declare a final dividend for 2015

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