Lancashire Holdings 2015 final dividend

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Lancashire Holdings 2015 final dividend


The Lancashire Board declared the following dividends during 2015:

A final dividend of $0.10 and a special dividend of $0.50 (both relating to 2014);

An interim dividend of $0.05 per common share; and

A special dividend of $0.95 per common share.

Lancashire today announces that its Board of Directors has declared a final dividend for 2015 of $0.10 per common share (approximately £0.07 per common share at the current exchange rate), which will result in an aggregate payment of approximately $19.8 million. The dividend will be paid in Pounds Sterling on 23 March  2016 (the "Dividend Payment Date") to shareholders of record on 26 February 2016 (the "Record Date") using the £ / $ spot market exchange rate at 12 Noon London time on the Record Date.

The Group will continue to review the appropriate level and composition of capital for the Group with the intention of managing capital to enhance risk-adjusted returns on equity.

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