Astra Zeneca 2015 full year results

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Astra Zeneca 2015 full year results

Core EPS in the year up by 7% and by 22% in Q4 2015

Total Revenue growth of 1% in the year, with the gross margin on Product Sales up by 1% point

Top-line and gross-margin growth underpinned continued investment in R&D. Core R&D costs up by 21% in the year, reflecting the investment in the pipeline

Core SG&A costs down by 2% in the year (Q4 2015: down by 11%), in line with commitments

Reported EPS in the year up by 137%, at $0.63 in Q4 2015 (Q4 2014: loss per share of $0.25)

A second interim dividend of $1.90 per share, bringing the dividend for the full year to $2.80; the Board reaffirms its commitment to the progressive dividend policy 

FY 2016 CER guidance - a low to mid single-digit percentage decline in Total Revenue and a low to mid single-digit percentage decline in Core EPS; includes dilutive effects from recent transactions

FY 2015 Commercial Highlights

The Growth Platforms grew by 11% in the year, representing 57% of Total Revenue. 'New Oncology' is included for the first time, reflecting its long-term importance for the Company's future growth:

1. Respiratory: +7%, before completion of the acquisition of Takeda's Respiratory business

2. Brilinta/Brilique: +44%, underpinned by a recently-extended US label and positive CHMP opinion

3. Diabetes: +26%, including +76% in Emerging Markets. Global Farxiga/Forxiga growth of 137%

4. Emerging Markets: +12%, including China and Latin America each growing by 15%

5. Japan: +4%, including +8% in Q4 2015

6. New Oncology: Contributed $119m, comprising Lynparza, Iressa (US) and Tagrisso

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