TalkTalk increases its 2016 interim dividend by 15%

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TalkTalk increases its 2016 interim dividend by 15%

Strong acceleration in growth with Q2 revenues up 5.9% (H1: +4.7%)

176,000 Revenue Generating Units added in period: +12.2% year-on-year

Growing quad-play and fibre penetration in base: mobile 16%; TV 39%; fibre 16%

On track to deliver FY16 in line with current market expectations pre-cyber attack impact  

Interim dividend raised 15% to 5.29p (H1 FY15: 4.60p)

Material EBITDA growth in H2 and lower net debt;  expect to grow final dividend by 15%

Cyber Attack

Significantly fewer customers affected than initially feared

Customer facing online sales and service channels now back in operation

One-off financial impact estimated at £30m-£35m

Offering all customers the choice of a free upgrade

H1 Financial Highlights

Total revenue up 4.7% to £912m (H1 FY15: £871m); Q2 +5.9%

On-net revenue up 7.6% (Q2 +8.9%), Corporate revenue up 6.2% (Q2 +6.7%)

Headline EBITDA1 £90m (H1 FY15: £110m)

Operating Free Cashflow £38m (H1 FY15: £44m)

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