GVC Holdings 2015 interim results

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GVC Holdings 2015 interim results

Financial highlights

Wagers - up 18.6% to €824 million (H1-2014: €694 million)

Sports Gross Margin - 8.8% (H1-2014: 9.9% )

Net Gaming Revenue ("NGR") - up 15.1% to €121 million (H1-2014: €105 million)

Contribution - up 15.3% to €65 million (H1-2014: €57 million)

Clean EBITDA  - up 14.0% to €25.5 million (H1-2014: €22.4 million)

Total dividend declarations to date - up 5% to 42€cps on the same period in the prior year

Deposit values - up 18% on H1-2014

In-play - generating 73% of Sports Gross Margin (H1-2014: 63%)

Mobile - generating 38% of Sports Gross Gaming Revenue ("GGR") (H1-2014: 22%)

Adjusted, diluted Earnings Per Share - growth of 25% to 33.3 €cps

Commenting on the results, Kenneth Alexander, Chief Executive of GVC Holdings PLC, said:

"GVC continues to show strong financial performance, with growth in revenue, clean EBITDA and dividends. The Board would like to thank our talented and motivated staff for helping us to maintain this. We are highly confident for the rest of the year.

"With our track record of delivering value through organic growth and acquisitions we are determined that GVC will play an important role in the continuing consolidation of the online gaming sector. We expect to update the market soon about our discussions with bwin.party digital entertainment plc."

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