Evraz 2015 interim results

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Evraz 2015 interim results


• Strong free cash flow of US$372 million (H1 2014: US$444 million)

• Consistent reduction in net debt: US$5.7 billion (FY 2014: US$5.8 billion), with net debt to EBITDA of 2.6 times

• Cost saving of US$149 million* due to ongoing productivity improvements and cost-cutting initiatives

• Consolidated EBITDA of US$922 million (H1 2014: US$1,080 million)

• EBITDA margin of 18.8% (FY 2014: 17.8%; H1 2014: 15.9%)

• EBITDA margin in the Coal segment of 31.7% (FY 2014: 28.3%; H1 2014: 21.9%) due to the following:

o shutdown of unprofitable mines

o disposal or shutdown of non-core steam coal operations

o a greater share of premium coal grades in the product mix

• Secure position as one of the lowest-cost producers of steel and raw materials in Russia:

o cash cost of slabs decreased to US$196/t from US$292/t in H1 2014

o cash costs of coking coal concentrate of US$32/t (H1 2014: US$55/t)

o cash costs of iron ore products (58% Fe content) of US$31/t (H1 2014: US$48/t)

• US$336 million returned to shareholders in April 2015 via the tender offer to purchase the Company's ordinary shares, announced following the 2014 results

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