Antofagasta 2015 interim results

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Antofagasta 2015 interim results

Financial performance

Revenue was $1,785.9 million, 31.4% lower than in the H1 2014 following significant declines in copper and by-product prices and lower sales volumes due to delayed shipments from bad weather

EBITDA was $561.6 million, a 48.6% decline reflecting the lower revenue which was partly offset by a 18.9% decrease in operating costs

Total operating costs were $1,224.3 million, $284.0 million lower than in H1 2014 of which $198 million was due to a reduction in costs and the balance was due to lower volumes

Net earnings from continuing operations, were $86.3 million, in line with the decrease in EBITDA with improved net finance expenses and lower taxes

Operating cash flow was $807.7 million compared with $1,170.0 million in the H1 2014

Interim dividend of 3.1 cents per share, representing a 35% pay-out ratio of the half year net earnings

Capital expenditure was $595.9 million, down from $767.3 million in first six months of 2014

Group attributable net cash was $1,030.5 million, increased by the proceeds from the sale of the water division


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