Sky increases its 2015 full year dividend by 3%

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Sky increases its 2015 full year dividend by 3%

Excellent financial performance

·    5% increase in group revenue to £11,283 million

·    18% increase in operating profit to £1,400 million

·    3% increase in full year dividend per share

Growing customer demand and loyalty

·    973,000 new customer additions, 45% more than prior year

·    4.6 million new paid-for subscription products

·    Stand-out performance on churn: under 10% in each market


Strong performance across all five territories

·    Highest organic customer growth for 11 years in UK and Ireland to pass 12-million milestone

·    Highest-ever customer growth in Germany and Austria

·    Italy held customer base stable after three years of negative growth


Building for the future

·    Growing momentum in entertainment: 35 original dramas planned in the next three years

·    Scaling new businesses: revenues from Sky Store, AdSmart and Sky Vision up 122%

·    Good progress with bringing the three Skys together: integration working well


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