Games Workshop 2015 Final Results

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Games Workshop 2015 Final Results



Year to

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31 May 2015

1 June 2014







Revenue at constant currency



Operating profit-pre-exceptional items and royalties receivable

Exceptional costs





Royalties receivable



Operating profit



Profit before taxation



Cash generated from operations



Earnings per share



Pre-exceptional earnings per share

Dividends per share declared in the year





Kevin Rountree, CEO of Games Workshop said:

"Over the year we have seen modest sales growth, at constant currency, in our core trade and mail order channels. We saw a small sales decline in our own stores due to continued difficult trading in Continental Europe following our restructuring last year. We saw expected declines in some non-core activities that are grouped with core activities in our reporting. The effect of these non-core activities and the continuing effects of unfavourable exchange rates mean that our reported sales show declines in retail (-4.6%) and trade (-6.3%). Mail order growth was 3.9%."

"We have all been working hard this year, made some good progress and honoured our commitment to distribute genuinely surplus cash to our shareholders. That commitment isn't going to change."

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