HICL Infrastructure increases its 2015 full year dividend by 2.8%

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HICL Infrastructure increases its 2015 full year dividend by 2.8%

A strong set of results, driven by good operational performance of the portfolio

§ Profit before tax was £231.0m (2014: £153.8m), up 50.2%

§ Total shareholder return of 15.4% and 22.5% in the year (on a NAV and share price basis, respectively)

§ Four quarterly interim dividends declared totalling 7.30p per share, exceeding the stated target by 0.05p per share, a 2.8% increase on the prior year

§ New guidance of a target dividend per share of 7.45p for the year to March 2016 (up from the previously published guidance of 7.40p)

§ Directors' valuation of the portfolio of £1,732.2m, up from £1,500.6m at 31 March 2014 and £1,639.1m at 30 September 2014, with the weighted average discount rate reduced from 8.2% to 7.9% over the year

§ NAV per share as at 31 March 2015 of 136.7p, a 10.0p increase from 126.7p as at 31 March 2014

§ Net investment of £113.1m during the year, comprising nine new investments and 10 incremental acquisitions for £221.4m and one disposal for net consideration of £108.3m

§ A further two investments and a disposal made since the period end for a net investment of £8.7m

§ Current net funding requirement of £8m

§ Demand for infrastructure investments continues to exceed supply in the Company's target sectors, impacting prices and valuations

§ A pipeline of new investment opportunities, both in the UK and overseas, expected to deliver further value accretion

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