Saga 2014 final results

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Saga 2014 final results

Trading EBITDA margin of 21.3% (2014: 20.7%)

Strong profit delivery and continued high levels of cash conversion have enabled the Group to beat its debt reduction target

Available operating cash flow of £170.9m, 72.3% of Trading EBITDA (2014: £196.7m; 88.4%), with an increased proportion of trading profits originating in restricted businesses

Proposed final dividend of 4.1p per share, at the top end of the range detailed in the initial public offering ("IPO") prospectus. This dividend is pro-rata for the proportion of the financial year post IPO and equates to 6.0p per share on an annualised basis. Top end of target dividend range increased to 60% of net income

Bonus share scheme and proposed final dividend sees an annualised return of over 8% for retail shareholders invested at IPO6

After the associated non-cash write-down, and the result of the discontinued operation, totalling £220.2m in relation to the previously announced disposal of the public healthcare elements of Allied Healthcare, the Group reported a loss after tax of £133.8m for the year.

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