NMC health 2014 full year results

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NMC health 2014 full year results

FY2014 Financial Highlights

Group revenues increased by 16.9% to US$643.9m

Healthcare division revenue increased by 14.8% to US$332.2m

Distribution division revenue grew by 12.9% to US$338.9m

EBITDA increased by 10.2% to US$102.5m

EBITDA margin declined by 96bps to 15.9%

Net profits increased by 12.1% to US$77.5m

Net profit margins declined by 51bps to 12.0%

Earnings per share (EPS) amounted to US$0.412

Proposed dividend pay-out ratio is maintained at 20% of profit after tax, amounting to GBP 5.4 pence per share

Total capital expenditure for the year reached US$112.3m, 35.8% higher compared to FY20134

Net debt reached US$113.0m as the Group continued to advance its on-going healthcare projects

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