Saga 2014 interim results

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Saga 2014 interim results

Financial highlights

·     Group Trading EBITDA increased by 9.7% to £130.4m (2013: £118.9m).

·     Group Operating profit increased by 15.2% to £110.0m (2013: £95.5m2).

·     Group profit before tax on a like-for-like basis up 14.9% to £106.5m (2013: £92.7m2).

·     Profit before tax, after IPO expenses and one-off cost of new debt, of £32.8m (2013: £92.1m).

·     Basic and diluted earnings per share of 2.42p and 2.40p respectively, with Pro forma Operating earnings per share up by 19.6% to 7.37p (2013: 6.16p).

·     Strong cash generation leading to a reduction in the net debt ratio from 3.1 at initial public offering ("IPO") to 2.5 as at the end of the period.  

·     Available operating cash flow of £143.7m achieved, 110.2% of Trading EBITDA.

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