CRH maintains 2013 full year dividend at euro 62.5 cents

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CRH maintains 2013 full year dividend at euro 62.5 cents

Financial Highlights

Sales of €18 billion, in line with 2012;  like-for-like sales down 2%

6% decline in first half, followed by a 2% increase in the second half

EBITDA of €1,475 million; ahead of November guidance

Americas like-for-like sales up 2%; improving economic and construction trends

Like-for-like sales down 1% in the weather-impacted first half; up 5% in the second half 

US Dollar EBITDA up 10%

Europe like-for-like sales down 5%; signs of stabilisation as year progressed

Like-for-like sales down 10% in first half;  second half down 1% 

EBITDA for the year down 19%, also impacted by lower (-€29m) once-off gains

Year-end net debt of €2.97 billion; better than November guidance

Dividend per share maintained at 62.5c

Operational Highlights

Acquisitions and investments of €720 million in 2013

Initial phase of ongoing portfolio review now complete

Business units not meeting returns criteria and identified for disposal account for 3% of 2013 EBITDA; non-cash impairment charges of €755 million (including €105 million in respect of JVs and associates)

Cost savings of €195 million delivered,  in line with November guidance

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