Stobart maintains its 2013 interim dividend at 2p

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Stobart maintains its 2013 interim dividend at 2p

Group Overview

The Group is on track with its four year strategy to deliver shareholder value

Our mature businesses continue to perform well and our growth businesses have increased volumes, revenues and profits

With our investment phase virtually complete our focus is on driving value from all our businesses

In Air and Biomass we aim to increase volumes and drive profitability from the strong platform we have created

Elsewhere our focus is on efficiency gains, cash generation and selective realisations alongside continued excellence of customer service

Financial highlights

Revenue from continuing operations was £330.2m (2012: £247.4m) including Automotive revenue of £54.5m (2012: £nil)

Underlying operating profit was £20.9m (2012: £19.7m)

Underlying profit before tax was £13.8m (2012: £13.1m)

Interim dividend of 2.0p (2012: 2.0p) per share payable on 6 December 2013

Profit before tax from continuing operations of £10.4m (2012: £10.5m)

Earnings per share from continuing operations of 2.7p (2012: 2.6p)

Loss on discontinued operation of £0.3m (2012: loss £2.9m)

Net cash generated from continuing operations £29.6m (2012: £16.4m)

Group property assets at £336.4m (28 February 2013: £347.7m)

Net debt at £203.0m (28 February 2013: £216.4m)

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