Barclays maintains 2013 Q1 dividend at 1p

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Barclays maintains 2013 Q1 dividend at 1p

Group Performance Review

- The Investment Bank activities are primarily funded through wholesale markets. As at 31 March 2013, total Group wholesale funding outstanding excluding repurchase agreements was £235bn (2012: £240bn), of which £98bn matures in less than one year (2012: £102bn) and £36bn matures within one month (2012: £29bn)

- The Group has term funding maturities of £11bn for the remainder of 2013. However, with expected deposit growth and reduction in legacy assets, funding needs are likely to be lower. In addition, a significant portion of the Group's 2013 funding needs were pre-funded in 2012

Exposures to Selected Eurozone Countries

- During Q1 13 the Group's net on-balance sheet exposures to Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Cyprus and Greece remained flatat £59.4bn (2012: £59.3bn)

- The Group continues to monitor developments in Cyprus and has taken steps to mitigate any financial and operational risks as appropriate. The Group's exposure to Cyprus remains minimal at £177m

Other matters

- As of 31 March 2013, £1.9bn of the total £2.6bn PPI redress provision raised to date has been utilised leaving a residual provision of £0.7bn. The volume of customer initiated claims has continued to decline in Q1 13 while proactive mailing of customers is now 45% complete with 335,000 of the applicable 750,000 policy holders mailed to date. Barclays will continue to monitor actual claims volumes and the assumptions underlying the calculation of its PPI provision. It is possible that the eventual costs may materially differ from current estimates. Based on claims experience to date and anticipated future volumes, the remaining provision of £0.7bn reflects Barclays best current estimate of future expected PPI redress payments and claims management costs

- The Interest Rate Hedging Product redress provision at 31 March 2013 was £759m (2012: £814m), after utilisation of £55m during Q1 13, primarily related to administrative costs. The provision reflects Barclays best current estimate of the ultimate cost. It will be kept under ongoing review as the main redress and review exercise progresses, as further information regarding the extent and nature of amounts payable across the impacted population emerges


- It is our policy to declare and pay dividends on a quarterly basis. We will pay a first interim cash dividend for 2013 of 1.0p per share on 7 June 2013


- The good start to the year has continued into the second quarter across our businesses. Although the macroeconomic environment remains unpredictable, as part of the Transform programme, we continue to focus on costs, returns and capital to drive sustainable performance improvements

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