HSBC 2012 Final Results

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HSBC 2012 Final Results

Reported profit before tax US$20.6bn, down 6% on 2011, including US$5.2bn of adverse fair value movements on own debt;  

Underlying profit before tax US$16.4bn, up 18% on 2011;

Core tier 1 capital ratio 12.3%, up from 10.1% in December 2011;

Estimated Basel III end point common equity tier 1 ratio ('CET1') 10.3% post-2013 management actions (9.0% at end 2012), providing strong capacity for organic growth;

Dividends declared in respect of 2012 US$0.45 per ordinary share, up 10% on 2011, with a fourth interim dividend for 2012 of US$0.18 per ordinary share. Total dividends US$8.3bn;

First three interim dividends for 2013 planned to be US$0.10 per ordinary share, up 11%;

Continued to execute our strategy to grow, simplify and restructure the Group;

Record year in Commercial Banking with reported profit before tax of US$8.5bn, up 7%;

Underlying revenues for the Group US$63.5bn, up 7%; Global Banking and Markets US$18.2bn, up 10%; Commercial Banking US$15.9bn, up 8%; Retail Banking and Wealth Management US$27.7bn, up 6%; More than half of the Group's underlying revenue from faster-growing regions;

Announced disposal/closure of 26 businesses and non-core investments in 2012, 4 in 2013, 47 since beginning of 2011; 

Underlying cost growth of 11% to US$41.9bn included notable items of US$5.7bn (up from US$2.2bn in 2011) and investment in growth and strengthened compliance;

Notable items included US$1.9bn of fines and penalties paid as part of the settlement with US authorities and the FSA, and additional provisions of US$1.4bn in respect of UK customer redress in 2012;

Generated further sustainable cost savings of US$2.0bn, giving an annualised total of US$3.6bn. This surpasses our cumulative target of US$2.5bn to US$3.5bn of sustainable savings since 2011;

Return on average ordinary shareholders' equity 8.4%, down from 10.9% in 2011, driven by adverse fair value movements on own debt, a higher tax charge and a much stronger equity base;

Earnings per share US$0.74, down 20% on 2011; and

Pro-forma post-tax profits allocation 60% was retained, 29% declared in dividends (net of scrip) in respect of the year and 11% in respect of variable pay. Variable pay down from 15% in 2011.

Stuart Gulliver, Group Chief Executive said:

"HSBC made significant progress in 2012. First and foremost, we grew our business. We increased revenues, performed well in most faster-growing markets and enjoyed a record year in Commercial Banking. We've made the business easier to manage and control by disposing of non-core businesses and surpassed our sustainable savings target. We also agreed a settlement with the US and UK authorities in respect of our past anti-money laundering and sanctions failings. Based on our current understanding of the capital rules we are extremely well-placed with regard to Basel III compliance, re-establishing our position as one of the best capitalised banks in the world. This provides a firm base on which to keep growing the business organically and allows us to increase dividends to US$8.3bn."

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