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The market is well down this morning as a big ex-dividend factor takes its toll. The FTSE 100 is down over 50 points.
(2 days ago)
The FTSE 100 is down about 15 points this morning. Walker greenbank increased its 2016 final dividend by just shy of 25% and BATS announced its new quarterly dividend payment plans.
(3 days ago)
The market is trading up again this morning and the FTSE 100 is up 12 points. Whitbread increases their 2016 full year dividend by 6% and Connect group increased their 2017 interim dividend by 3.3%.
(4 days ago)
The trading week has got off to a very strong start this morning after traders assess the French election results. The FTSE 100 is trading up over 100 points. Lok 'n Store increased their 2017 interim dividend by 12.4%.
(5 days ago)
The market looks set to open flat this morning with little on the corporate front to inspire traders.
(8 days ago)
Another quiet day on the corporate front as the campaigning for the general election begins.
(9 days ago)
The market continues to trade down following the election announcement and the strengthening of the pound. No corporate news.
(10 days ago)
The FTSE 100 is trading down this morning with very little going on in the markets in terms of corporate news. The focus remains on political developments.
(11 days ago)
The maket has opened down as a large number of shares go ex-dividend. It is trading about 20 points lower. There are no companies reporting today. Politics is still impacting the markets.
(16 days ago)
The market is trading slightly up this morning but is being overshadowed by political tensions. Tesco, as we expected did not declare a final dividend, but they did state their intention to resume dividend payments in the next financial year.
(17 days ago)

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